Housing development of N!DO slowly growing in the municipality of Nove Mesto in Bratislava (location of Kuchajda) was assigned to Acrea atelier as architectural study by the Czech atelier of GRIDO, architecture and design. After having been approached by the investor to prepare the implementation project in BIM, this atelier in Bratislava prepared the project as the first one in Slovakia completely in the technology that prevents the mistakes and collisions already within the project, not in the course of implementation.

Slovensko - Bratislava

In the statement of areas made in BIM the investor gets a perfect outline of the project, they can control the process on the continuous basis but they mainly have the summary of financial costs related to the construction.

For this reason as well the investor decided to transfer BIM onto the construction where it will facilitate technical supervision of the construction in everyday construction management.

The object will serve as a housing development with underground parking space. Two relatively slim towers A and C and one B object of the longitudinal shape that will not shade each other in their northern orientation will be situated on the roof of the garages. The mass composition of the design is divided into three objects so that they create natural “atrium” – courtyard, at the same time creating two side green areas connected by the communication.

115 apartments, 149 internal parking places and 15 external parking places will be on offer. Each apartment will be equipped with the balcony and/or terrace with aesthetic and at the same time practical shading that will be possible to complete with cosy seating and rich greenery.