About us

I founded Acrea with a dream to work on attractive projects that will enable me and my colleagues to fully use creative unbridledness in connection with the sophistication of the value.

The years of practice really yielded plenty of amazing projects practically all over the world. At the same time those years taught me that dreams in this area are being born in a very painful way.

Everyone working in the construction industry knows that project and construction activity is a demanding and tedious process that keeps bringing many unexpected situations. Since we always wanted to be the best ones, we were searching for the way how to make the process of planning and construction as effective as possible. The solution was found in the BIM – Building Information Modelling. We became the pioneers in Slovakia and thanks to founding a BIM Association we helped to set its first standards.

„Thanks to BIM the projects are always thought out in their ultimate detail“

Use of BIM saves time, money and energy of all participating subjects. What was an unknown technology couple of years ago today constitutes a common part of a building design.

However, our ambition reaches a bit further. The huge sense of a digital model of a building can be mainly seen in the administration economy of the building. Therefore we decided to broaden our services also by a reverse digitalization of already existing buildings.

I believe that time shall affirm the economic legitimacy of the use of BIM in the process of construction administration. In the same way as it has been confirmed in the process of design and construction.

Ing. arch. Michal Pasiar