Since we always wanted to be the best ones, we were searching for the way how to make the process of planning and construction as effective as possible.

The solution was found in the BIM – Building Information Modelling. We became the pioneers in Slovakia and thanks to founding a BIM Association we helped to set its first standards.

About us


BIM (Building Information Modelling) is generally used to indicate a digital building model enabling exchange of information within the process of the building. From the point of project design, from construction till the administration of the building, within its whole life cycle. Today you receive a 2D documentation dealing with the part of the building only. In case of questions designers must quickly finish the section or detail requested, because it does not deal with what is behind the section plane.

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House for a demanding client with a beautiful view of Bratislava.

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We designed a villa development in the Caribbean

In the beginning of the year Acrea entered the market of Central America.

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We are main partner of the International BIM Convention

This year, too, Acrea will support the 4th year of BIM international convention in Slovakia

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